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Amazing Keto Coffee to Try Right Now

Amazing Keto Coffee to Try Right Now

Here is a little recipe I use every morning to kick the energy to a high level while adding some much needed GOOD FAT to the keto plan that I am living. The keto plan is a lifestyle that will help get you healthy while helping you loose those unwanted pounds pretty fast.

This is a quick and easy way to increase your fat intake each day without having to worry too much about it.

For keto coffee, you are using the same premise as Bulletproof Coffee, but you don’t have to be as strict with where the coffee beans are sourced or the brand of fat added.

For a simple keto coffee, just blend a cup of brewed coffee with a tablespoon of pure organic coconut oil, 1-2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream from free range raised cows , and a tablespoon of butter also from cows raised the same way. You can change the quantities if you want, but this recipe has about 35 grams of fat just for one cup of coffee.

I keep my carbs at about 20 per day but that takes a little extra planning. For many, keeping their carbs under 50 per day will keep them in ketos. After you have been doing it for a while, it becomes much easier to slide down a little at a time until you reach a leave around 20 carbs per day. I plan to share many recipes that will help you reach those goals in the coming weeks and months. For today, try a cup of Keto Coffee and feel the energy.

And if you are in a hurry to lose those extra pounds before Valentines Day there is still time to sign up for the Whole 40 programs that starts on January the 3rd. If all this seems a little overwhelming and complicated, this might be the program got you. It is a keto weight loss program that I am an affiliate with. It is called Keto 40 and it is a 40 day program that will guide you through the whole process. I am excited about being affiliated with Joey, Louise and Kate in the program. By the way it starts on January 3rd, After the January 1st parties. Best of all, it is based on Whole Foods.

To find out more about the program and see if it is something you can do go Here but don’t wait to long because they do actually only accept a limited amount of people in the program.

I will be sharing my 2018 ketogenic lifestyle with you right here on this blog. It will include many of the recipes we enjoy in our house, tips where to buy some of the harder to find items you might want to find, and of course articles about the Whole Foods lifestyle, healthy living and enjoying life a little more in the coming year. I hope to see you here often.

Eat Healthily, Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Keto Coffee to Try Right Now”

  • Thank you, it is my “get started” coffee at 4 a.m. It gives me that instant energy before I start a 2 mile walk. I like to get a walk in before I settle
    in and do my computer stuff. Without the coffee I need to push myself, with the keto coffee I almost dance the two miles. Love it.

  • Coffee, you are speaking my language. I have tried that recipe before. It seemed weird at first but was oh so good. I do recommend any coffee drinker to try it.

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