Amazing Keto Coffee

Amazing Keto Coffee

I have chosen Keto Coffee as the second Breakfast because for coffee drinkers this is the answer to no hunger pains during the day. I use this recipe every morning to kick the energy to a high level while adding some much needed GOOD FAT to the keto plan that I am living. The keto plan is a lifestyle that will help get you healthy while helping you loose those unwanted pounds pretty fast.

This is a quick and easy way to increase your fat intake each day without having to worry too much about it.

For keto coffee, you are using the same premise as Bulletproof Coffee, but you don’t have to be as strict with where the coffee beans are sourced or the brand of fat added. I will admit that I source my coffee and it is mold free and roasted fresh within hours before I pick it up from my roaster. You can find some very good coffees in most markets and if you are near a roaster I recommend you purchase your coffee as fresh roasted as possible.

For a simple keto coffee, just blend a cup of brewed coffee with a tablespoon of pure organic coconut oil, 1-2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream from free range raised cows , and a tablespoon of butter or ghee also from cows raised the same way. You can change the quantities if you want, but this recipe has about 35 grams of fat just for one cup of coffee.

My keto coffee is more like Bullet Proof Coffee except at this time I source my coffee beans from the hills around the area where I live. And, most of the time I replace the organic coconut oil for more energy. If you would like to find out more click here; Shop Bulletproof Brain Octane oil It is produced in a coconut oil reduction. Coconut oil by itself has four different Medium chain Triglicerides MCT6, MCT8, MCT10 and MCT12. All four are a part of coconut oil. However the Brain Octane oil has been reduced to contain only Mct8 and Mct10 which are the two that do you the most good. You do not need to buy this to get into ketosis, I use it because it speeds things up and helps keep me there throughout the day.

I keep my carbs at about 20 per day but that takes a little extra planning. Part of the plan is my habit of having at least one 16 ounce cup of keto coffee once a day, some days I will have two.  Once you try a cup of Keto Coffee and feel the energy and the lack of hunger you will understand why.

Not everyone cares for coffee and it is very easy to follow this recipe with a cup of hot tea instead of coffee. I enjoy some tea but I really enjoy my keto coffee when I am starting my day.

Chefs Tip: You can not just add the oil and butter to a cup of coffee, stir and drink it to enjoy the benefits. Coffee or tea, the coconut oil and butter or ghee must be blended into it using a blender for about 30 seconds to get it all well mixed. After you have done it a couple of times it will become second nature to you and you will do it, 1, 2, 3.

The Keto Diet Is Not A Fad Diet Rather It Is A Very Healthy Lifestyle Adjustment. For many people, carbs are the main culprit in their obesity and when they reduce them to healthy numbers they find they have more energy, lose weight, and are able to keep it off, a lifestyle that is successful, motivational, and sustainable.

It is exciting to try different recipes and we will share many new Keto recipes as well as old favorites here to help you reach your goals. We will be focused on Kelo with some Paleo recipes and a goal of remaining gluten free at least 90 percent of the time.

I will be sharing my ketogenic lifestyle with you right here on this blog. It will include many of the recipes we enjoy in our house, tips where to buy some of the harder to find items you might want to find, and of course articles about the Whole Foods lifestyle, healthy living and enjoying life a little more in the coming year. I hope to see you here often.

I also want to invite you to join our Facebook group for keto-Paleo friends where we can exchange ideas and answer each others questions. You can get more information Right Here It is called Keto Paleo Power Combo For Weight Loss and You have just been invited to join us as we explore these lifestyles. This is a meeting place where you are free to share your comments with other readers and exchange ideas. If you have friends that are keto or paleo, invite them to come along I would love to have you and them join our family of Whole Food Low-Carb Enthusiasts..

Eat Healthily, Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Keto Coffee”

  • Thank you and yes it can be confusing. They are very much alike in many ways however you are allowed more good carbs on Paleo diet there are different restrictions for each diet. I try to combine them as much as possible sharing recipes that work for both. I am keto, my wife is more paleo but her carbs are way to high. I went heavy Keto because of cancer which between the keto diet and walking 10,000 plus steps each morning, the cancer was gone in a little over three months. I don’t talk about that on the blog but I did a ton of research about it during that time. During those two hours of walking every morning, I would have my headphones on listening to doctors explaining about all the wonderful changes that we will experience by following a keto diet.And as a side note, I have lost 97 pounds following a ketogenic lifestyle. So Please leave a comment after a post and/or join our facebook group and ask questions there and I will do my best to get you the answers.

  • There is still quite a bit of confusion in my mind about the difference between the Paleo and Keto diets and how easy or challenging it is to incorporate these into my lifestyle so that it becomes really a lifestyle rather than a diet. Thus, am happy to read your article and look forward to following your posts to learn more.

  • Thank you, it is my “get started” coffee at 4 a.m. It gives me that instant energy before I start a 2 mile walk. I like to get a walk in before I settle
    in and do my computer stuff. Without the coffee I need to push myself, with the keto coffee I almost dance the two miles. Love it.

  • Coffee, you are speaking my language. I have tried that recipe before. It seemed weird at first but was oh so good. I do recommend any coffee drinker to try it.

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