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Are You Dehydrated?

Are You Dehydrated?

Are You Dehydrated?Are You Dehydrated? If you are like most of the people I know, you need to drink more water than what you are drinking now. Here in Puerto Vallarta the afternoon temperature is anywhere from 84 up to 92 degrees with the humidity a little higher than that, and we are not in the hot season yet. We are, however, starting to carry water with us all the time.

You have probably heard that 65% to 75% of your body is made up of water. That is why it is so important to stay hydrated. Your body needs to continually take on water (and a lot of it) to function properly. This affects not just your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Please don't forget your pets also need water
Please don’t forget your pets also need water

Do you ever experience the following symptoms?

Unnaturally dry skin
Few tears when you cry
Muscle cramps
You are tired all the time
Bags under your eyes
Rapid breathing or heartbeat
Dry, sticky mouth
You are thirsty all the time

Those are some common signs of mild to severe dehydration in teens and adults. Dangerous cholesterol levels, liver and joint damage, weak muscles, kidney stones and constipation are just a few of the health conditions dehydration can cause.

Are You Dehydrated
Young people need to drink less soda and more water

Problems can arise quickly when you don’t supply your body with the water it needs to function properly. Any lost liquids in your body should be replaced immediately. This means drinking a lot of water while you exercise, or any time you exert yourself physically.

What Causes Dehydration?

Some causes of dehydration make a lot of sense, like intense physical activity. You sweat out a lot of the water in your body, and if you do not replace that liquid, you can become dehydrated. Here are a few more reasons your body may not be properly hydrated.

Alcohol poisoning
Food-borne illnesses
Frequent urination
Side effects of medicine
You don’t drink enough water

Where we live the humidity is often higher that the temperature so that our bodies can be losing water even when we are sitting still. We keep water with us at all times. We are so near the ocean that we get these short tropical storms followed by the humidity that makes it a three shower day most days of the week. Those that fly in for vacation for a week and end up with diarrhea often blame the water. It is more likely the lack of water which they replace with alcohol or soda for the week that leads to the diarrhea. If your here for some fun in the sun and the beach, don’t let that happen to you…

drink water
Don’t let cocktails hide your need for water


When you have diarrhea, your body does not properly absorb water from the foods you eat. This is the most common cause of dehydration. Blood pressure medications and antihistamines can also create a lack of hydration in some people.

How to Stay Properly Hydrated

You may drink plenty of water each and every day, and still find yourself with several of the dehydration symptoms mentioned above. This could be a case of adrenal fatigue. If you drink plenty of water throughout the day and are still thirsty, with cravings for salt and sugar, you may want to have an adrenal checkup.

Are You Dehydrated?
Adding a little lemon and/or a sprig of mint helps me drink more water

However, most of the time, you simply need to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can be is a life-threatening condition. Most of the time you can combat this potential health problem simply by drinking water frequently throughout the day.

This means carrying bottled water with you as you move through your daily routine. Sports drinks, energy drinks, and sodas do not count. Water is so important to normal bodily functions. From head to toe, inside and out, and even mentally, your body benefits from a healthy supply of water. Excess water will simply be passed through your system, so make sure you are drinking plenty of this simple but essential health drink.

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