Bulletproof Tea To Start The Day

Bulletproof Tea To Start The Day

I really enjoy my first cup of tea each morning. That is because I treat myself to a large mug of Bulletproof Tea to start my day. I am sure  you are familiar with Bulletproof coffee but have you tried Bulletproof tea yet? I switched because when I make coffee I make cowboy coffee and then must make the bulletproof coffee from it. That is a longer process.

I do this as part of  my ketogenic lifestyle. Going keto allows you to eat a lot more fat while restricting your carbs. That is for another blog post but basically carbs turn to sugar in your body and ketos do not. Sugar turns to glucose and I am reducing the glucose by replacing it with ketos for energy. The result is that my body burns fat for fuel instead of all that glucose – aka sugar. I would not recommend bulletproof tea or coffee daily unless you are in control your diet otherwise you could gain weight.

Here’s My version of Bulletproof Tea

To start with I put 16 oz. of water in a pot to boil and add

2 ea. pouches green tea

2 ea. pouches black tea

I let it come to a boil then turn off the stove and let the tea bags soak in the water for 10 minutes

While I am waiting I put a tbsp. of butter in a 16 oz. mug.

I also add a tbsp. of pure coconut oil to the mug

dash of ground cinnamon (optional)

Now I am ready to add the tea to the mug and enjoy it as I feed the cats, let the dogs out for a run and read my email.

Bulletproof tea and coffee are a recommended part of a ketogenic lifestyle to get fats into your body. I think that is a little amusing after all the years we spent being told to live a mostly fat free diet. Now the research tells us that a low fat diet is not good for overall health.

As for the coconut oil, this is one I recommend: Just click on the picture for more information.

Note: The butter must be from grass raised cattle. Perhaps Kerrygold is the best known brand for this. Another good choice is Anchor Butter. I live in an area of Mexico where I can buy butter made from grass raised cows raised locally. It does not come in a fancy wrapper, just scooped into a small plastic container that has a small label with the name of the farm on it. That’s ok with me.

Even if you have not been a fan of tea in the past, give this bulletproof tea a try. If you are only making a single cup, just half everything in the recipe.

Keto Friendly with 35g fat, 3/4g protein and only 1/2g. net carbs. but watch out because it does have between 450 and 550 calories depending on how much butter and coconut oil you use.

It is exciting to try different recipes and we will share many new Keto recipes as as well as old favorites here to help you reach your goals. We will be focused on Kelo with some Paleo recipes and a goal of remaining gluten free at least 90 percent of the time. If you have not signed up for your copy of 35 Tips To Go Low-Carb When Eating out please do so at the top right of this article. I am adding a couple of keto friendly Whole Food recipes to the blog every week and would love to have you join our family of Whole Food Low-Carb Enthusiasts..

Eat Healthily, Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef

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4 thoughts on “Bulletproof Tea To Start The Day”

  • I enjoy both but at 4:30 or so in the morning, the tea is faster and taste just as good as the coffee. However, a local coffee grower who’s wife is a
    friend of Maria, just sent me about a pound of fresh roasted coffee from this past seasons harvest so I may switch to coffee for a few days to try
    his coffee.

  • It is a great pick me up. I usually drink it just shortly before I take my morning walk, somewhere around a couple of miles and I feel great all the way. One cup has only 1 net carb if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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