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Check In With Yourself

Check In With YourselfCheck In With Yourself. As you are preparing for your challenge to close, it is time to once again check in with yourself. Today is a great day to go back through your assignments and your other self-check-ins and see just how far you have come.

On a sheet of paper or a page in your journal, write down all of the changes that you see. In the areas where you feel that you have not changed as much as you would have liked, (for instance, giving in to food cravings), forgive yourself. Then create a plan for the ways that you can improve on that from this point forward.

Most importantly, think about the emotions that you are currently feeling. Is it pride for how far you’ve come? Is it frustration for how much you still have left to do? Whatever it is, write it down, be detailed, and don’t be afraid to treat it as a journal entry, something where you are able to talk through your feelings a bit.

If you opted to take pictures any point during the challenge, now may also be a good time to take another set of pictures so that you can keep an ongoing record of your weight loss journey.

More than anything, remember to treat yourself with love. It wasn’t easy to start this journey, it was even less easy to stick with it, but you never gave up, and that is something to be proud of!

To Your Success!

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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