Clean Keto Lifestyle Vis Dirty Keto Lifestyle

Clean Keto Lifestyle Vis Dirty Keto Lifestyle

Today I want to spend a little time talking about The Clean Keto Lifestyle Vis the Dirty Keto Lifestyle which I also refer as the vanity keto lifestyle. Give me a moment and you will understand why I call it the Vanity Keto Lifestyle.

On this blog we are following a Clean Keto Lifestyle as closely as possible. I try to center the recipes around Whole Foods, avoiding processed foods as much as possible. That includes buying foods as fresh as possible meaning farmers markets are our first choice when they are open. We also use free range chickens, wild caught fish, farm raised cattle, and farm fresh butter and eggs as well. If we use pork we purchase uncured bacon, if we want sausage we will make a batch at home to avoid all the chemicals added in processed sausage.

A clean keto lifestyle is as much about taking care of our body by the way we live as it is following the “keto diet”.  This means we exercise in a style that fits into our personal lifestyle and not a fixed program that might work for others but we do not enjoy.  I like walking, Tia Chi, and Qigong but there are so many other forms of exercise each person finds their own.

Many of us do a form of intermittent fasting, usually starting with a 12 hour fast between meals. That may be fine and that will remain their target point. Others increase it a little at a time going for 14, 16,18 hours or more leading up to a point to where they eat only one meal a day. Still others will do a one day, two day or three day fast. The fast is not to lose weight as much as it is for health reasons. Research shows that a fast does the body a world of good and can actually slow the aging process.

As you can see, the clean keto lifestyle is a package that involves much more that just lowering carbs to lose weight.

But now there is developing a different camp so to speak when it comes to the ketogenic lifestyle aka Keto diet. It is referred to on the internet as “dirty keto”.  I personally call it “vanity keto” because I feel that most of the people following a dirty keto lifestyle are only doing it to lose weight with no regard to the rest of what the lifestyle can do.

It appears that with dirty keto, it does not matter where you get your fats from, so they do not pay as much attention to the good fats such as olive oil, avocado oil or foods such as avocados, as long as it is fat it is ok. They also appear to have no problem with eating processed foods, and your right, that is not so good for your overall health.

There are Facebook groups that are springing up just for those that want to follow the “dirty keto” lifestyle. I guess the old saying “two sides to every coin” is here. I’m not going to give them to you here because if your with me in this journey I don’t want to temp you to go to the dark side.

When it gets right down to it, while Dirty keto might seem like an easier way to follow the keto diet, it’s overall decidedly less healthy—and  even more less sustainable because once you start down that path ist becomes very easy to stray completely and lose focus.

This brings me to one final point, there are thousands of recipes on the internet labeled “keto” at the moment. That does not mean that they are all clean. So if you see a Keto recipe and you find yourself saying something like “Oh wow, you mean I can eat that” or “Now your talking my kind of keto and it is so easy:”  Step Back, take a moment are review the recipe. It might be a clean keto recipe and you will want to add it to your recipe file or, it could be sneaking in something that you really do not want as part of your Clean Ketogenic lifestyle.

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Enjoy Good Friends, Share the Love, Carpe Diem

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef

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2 thoughts on “Clean Keto Lifestyle Vis Dirty Keto Lifestyle”

  • I had a major health issue when I went from a mostly whole food diet to a full blown clean keto diet. I don’t write about it because I am not a medial professional but I will say that in My Case this lifestyle turned everything around for me. Now that includes walking 12,500 steps a day which I do indoors here in Mexico just because 4 a.m. works best for my schedule and you just don’t walk the streets at that hour down here. When we are home in Wisconsin I don’t have a problem with walking outside before dawn. Anyway,if you decide to give the clean keto diet a trial I will be happy to share any information I have. Just post the question as a comment after a blog and I will answer it asap.

  • That’s very interesting! I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and have recently started my own healthy eating plan. I’m not doing it to lose weight although I have lost 12 pounds in about 6 weeks. I may have to look into the clean keto diet

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