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Dealing with Food Cravings

Dealings with Food cravingsDealing with Food Cravings is something we all need to face as we switch to a Whole Foods Lifestyle.

One of the hardest hurdles to get over when you are changing the way you eat is the cravings. After all, you ate a certain way for a long time, and your body is used to eating that way. Once you remove these things from your diet it is only natural that your body will begin to desire those things that you can no longer have.

In order to deal with cravings, it is best to have a plan in place. Cravings can be tough and you never know when they are going to hit so you need to have something ready when that time comes. Today you will make a plan for your cravings.

On a page in your journal, make a list of the foods that you are most attached to. Now try to find a whole foods version of that food. You might be surprised to learn that many of the most common foods have a whole foods alternative. I have always loved potatoes however I am not eating any white starch at this point so I have switched from white potatoes to sweet potatoes. It does have one drawback, Sweet potatoes are a little high in carbs so I must limit how often I enjoy them. You can often get sweet potato fries in place of regular fries at many restaurants these days.

Another switch I made is to replace soft serve ice cream with Greek Yogurt for dessert after a meal. I add some fresh fruit and I am just as satisfied as if we had bought a quart of ice cream on the way home.

It will take a little work to create your list but it a lifestyle adjustment so you will refer to it often until all those foods that you once craved are history. Once you have created your foods list, you will want to keep the ingredients for the whole foods version on hand so that you can make it whenever you need to. If there is one item that you just can’t find a replacement for, tell us about it in the comment section. Perhaps someone in the challenge has had the same craving and has found the answer.

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