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Drinking Fresh Coconut Water

Drinking Fresh Coconut Water

Drinking Fresh Coconut Water is very healthy and should be a part of your Whole Foods Lifestyle. It is very easy to purchase canned coconut water and keep a few cans in the refrigerator to enjoy from time to time. However, if you look around you will be surprised to find that you can purchase fresh coconuts and drink the water directly from the container mother nature stores it in. Directly from the coconut is of course the healthiest way to drink it.

Fresh Coconut Water is Natures answer to Energy Drinks. Like man made energy drinks,

Fresh coconuts
Fresh coconuts cut and lowered to the ground

Coconut water provides you with electrolytes, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and potassium, but in their natural form as nature intended you to get them.

As some of you might already know, I spend a good deal of time at our place in the foothills of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are fortunate to have a number of coconut trees on our properties and we harvested some recently so I though it would be fun to show you how we drink it here in Mexico.

Coconut Water
My Nephew prepares a coconut using a machete

Once the coconuts have been cut and lowered to the ground it is time to enjoy the freshwater. One of my nephews is on “machete duty” today. It will be his job to pick a coconut for each person, and prepare it for drinking. Each person can open their own of course except for the younger people because using the machete takes time and practice and if not careful a person could hurt themselves.

Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo Shoots to use to make straws

Here is a neat trick that you might try if you happen to live near bamboo trees. There happen to be some right next to where my nephew is cleaning the Fresh Coconuts so I took a long stem from the bamboo tree, and made straws. The stems are hollow inside and make perfect straws.


Once He has your Coconut ready, he delivers it to you with straw in place, ready to drink and enjoy. Of course I was standing next to him so I got the first one. Notice my coconut is sitting on an ice cooler. We will load it up with whole coconuts, cover them with ice and then later this afternoon as the temperature reaches the high 80’s we will enjoy ice cold coconut water.

Coconut meat
Using a coconut shell to harvest the coconut meat

We don’t waste anything. If you don’t happen to have a spoon to dig out the fresh coconut after you have finished the water, you can use a piece of the shell of the coconut as a scoop to free it from the shell.

coconut meat
look closely, there are about a dozen baby chicks enjoying fresh coconut meat

Once you have eaten all you wish to eat, you leave just a little of the coconut meat in the shell and place it where one of your chickens can take her babies. Did you know that chickens really like coconut. This is all part of the free range system we have for our chickens. They can eat and enjoy anything they find on the ground…We also keep corn on hand from the corn harvest so that we can grind some for them during the rainy season.

We will let the coconut shells dry out and burn them later in some of our cookouts and at other times to provide a smoke screen to drive away mosquitoes.

Because I follow a ketogenic lifestyle, I limit my coconuts to coconut oil (MCT Oil) but will enjoy a cup of cold coconut water once in a while. 1 cup of fresh coconut water is 46 calories, it has 8.9g carbs and 2.6g fiber for a net 6.3 Net carbs.

I leave the coconut meat for the others to enjoy because it does not fit my keto diet. 4 ounces is 401 calories, 17.2g carbs and 10.2g fiber, for a net 7 carbs. Some of us count calories as well as carbs and in this case it is the calories more than the carbs that have me passing up the coconut meat. I limit my calories to 1800 per day so that makes this a little high for me. However, if you consider it a dessert, it might fit into your keto diet once in a while.

The way to enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle is to keep it simple. Good, fresh food without spending to much time in the kitchen. Staying as close to nature as possible makes the keto experience fun and enjoyable.

I also have a Facebook group.You are invited to join us where we can exchange ideas and answer questions about the keto and paleo foods and recipes. Just click HERE to join our family of Whole Food Low-Carb, keto/paleo Enthusiasts on Facebook..

Today’s Parting Thought: The Keto diet is part of a ketogenic lifestyle and not just a quick fix to lose some weight, for it to work it needs to become part of your lifestyle.Start a journal about your keto life and you will find it becomes easier and easier to enjoy as a lifestyle.

Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends, Share the Love

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef

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  • Sadly it does change when it is packaged. I suggest packaged only as a last choice because
    between the man made power drinks and canned coconut water, the coconut water is by far a
    much better choice. However as you say, fresh is always better (except wine perhaps)

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