Fake Meat Or Real Food

Fake Meat Or Real Food

Fake Meat or Real Food has become a subject of interest that is growing almost daily. What is a Veggie Burger made of? Will it taste like the meat it is replacing? Should I make my own or is it safe to purchase the premade veggie burgers?  The Questions Continue.

As a chef, I believe that making our own meatless burgers is the proper choice. First, you control the ingredients and second it is fresh. Even if you freeze any extra veggie burgers you make, you will know how long they have been in the freezer when you get ready to use them. We can not say the same about the frozen veggie burgers we find in our grocery freezer.

Using a crock pot to cook the beans so that you are free to do other things, you can actually make a few burgers without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. A few for today and a few for another time.

I want to share this short video from Bite with you about the work that is going into making meatless burgers and some doctors viewpoint. There will always be those of us that enjoy a meatless Monday but do not have time to make our own. The future of premade veggie burgers is looking brighter for those people.

So you need to ask yourself the question, It it the veggie burger or the beef that has been pumped full of antibiotics and fattened in the last month of its life with GMO corn that is the Fake Meat or Real Food?

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