Five Tips to Make Clean Eating Easier

Five Tips to Make Clean Eating Easier

Here are Five Tips to Make Clean Eating Easier on your keto or Paleo and Clean Eating Menu. Yes, clean eating is one of the basics of both the keto and paleo diets as well as many other lifestyles and helps your body in many different ways.

When you think of clean eating, you’re probably thinking of a diet that is restrictive. Eating green leaves every day? Throwing away the foods you love and eating a lot of foods you really don’t care for to much It doesn’t have to come to this as by eating clean your kitchen pantry will be filled with new wholesome foods that have great flavors and open doors to a new healthier lifestyle

When you first start eating clean, it can be difficult to give up your favorite foods such as pizza, burgers, and chips. You have seen other people make the transition from enjoying junk food to eating clean, but you cannot get there yourself.
Below are a few tips that can make your life a little easier.

1. Get Rid of Unhealthy Food
Go through your kitchen cupboards, your pantry and get rid of any unhealthy foods. There are plenty of other foods you can still enjoy through clean eating. When looking at the different types of foods, you want to keep asking yourself if you really need it in your life and then get rid of it if it would help you reach your goals.

2. Go Shopping
Your next step will be to go shopping and grab wholesome foods but before you add anything to your shopping basket, read the labels.
If there are words you don’t like the look of on a particular product, look for another similar product with less than five ingredients. Think of it like this…If you’re able to make the same product at home using the ingredients on the list, then you’re onto a winner. Avoid processed foods as much as possible as they contain many toxins which aren’t healthy for you.

3. Research before you Dine-Out
Thinking of going out for food, it’s probably the best idea to go online and download the menu of your favorite restaurant. Fast food restaurants will have ingredients on their menus, but local traditional restaurants may need a little more digging.
Ask restaurants for replacements, such as replacing burger buns for lettuce, replaced fries with a salad, ask that vegetables be cooked in olive oil instead of full-fat butter.

4. Fight your Cravings
There are temptations all around but before you give in, take a minute and align yourself with your emotions. Think about why you have these cravings? Is it due to bad habits, lack of activity or are you eating because of stress? There are many ways to deal with these issues such as meditating or talking to a friend.

5. Don’t Give Yourself a Hard Time
If you fall for your cravings and give in, don’t get upset. It will take time to go through a change, and it doesn’t always work out. Look at why you slipped up and think of ways to avoiding it. Did you slip up due to lack of preparation or was all based on emotions?

If you could go back in time, think about how you can go through the day differently. By investigating why you slipped up can usually show you how to remedy the problem. I jot notes in my daily journel so that I can review them from time to time, it helps with my progress.

Clean Eating doesn’t have to be difficult, just takes a little time to get organized, be fully prepared and develop the right mindset. You’ll have a much easier time going forward with the clean eating process

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