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Your Whole Foods Chef shares Keto and Paleo recipes for clean eating as well as tips on weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle

Grass Fed Beef and My Keto Recipes

Grass Fed Beef and My Keto Recipes

When I share a recipe with you, the protein I am using is grass-fed & grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, or heritage-breed pork.  Grass Fed Beef and My Keto recipes go hand in hand to help you create healthy meals for family and friends.

The keto lifestyle is as much about eating the healthiest Foods as it is about losing Weight. Click To Tweet

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Grass Fed Beef and My Keto Recipes

How To Grill A Steak

One of the great things about living the Whole Foods lifestyle is there is no need to give up a lot of your old favorites. It’s just clean eating which means if you do eat beef you want it to be from cattle that spent their lives on the open range and did not spend their last couple of months in a cattle pen being fattened up on corn and antibiotics. Once you have found your supplier of healthy beef you can enjoy it in many different ways.

Ingredients Needed:

• Your favorite marinade
• Nice cuts of Grass-fed. Grass-finished steak
• Mushrooms for topping if you’d like

Also, keep on hand a container you can marinate in, tong and barbecue utensils.

Step 1: Marinate Steak

The secret to a tender and delicious steak is to marinate for about 8 hours or overnight. Place your marinade in a container and place the steaks in the marinade, turning to coat on both sides. We use a simple marinade of olive oil, fresh garlic, gluten-free Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper. This helps create a tender steak and doesn’t use any sugars that can burn on the grill.

Cover and refrigerate overnight or for about 8 hours. You can flip the steaks part way through the process to ensure even marinating. This works well with most any cut of beef.

Step 2: Grill

Take the steaks out of the fridge to bring to room temperature. Meanwhile, preheat your grill to medium-high heat. Place the steaks on the grill.

How long you’ll grill the steak on each side depends on the size of steak you have and how you like it done.

Here’s a handy little steak grilling chart to help you:

Rare -Medium Rare -Medium
3/4” steak 6 min each side -7 min each side -8 min each side
1” steak 7 min each side -8 min each side -9 min each side
1 ½” steak 9 min each side -10 min each side -12 min each side

These are just a guide and there will still be variables, depending on the type of steak you use, the heat of your grill and more. Steaks are rare when they reach an internal temperature between 120 – 130 F. -Medium rare is 130 – 140 F and -Medium is 140 – 150 F.

When ready, Flip the steaks and continue to grill for the prescribed amount of time. Some recipes suggest flipping steaks several times, but unless it’s a flank steak, this isn’t necessary and can actually dry your steak. Use tongs during this process. If you use a fork and puncture the meat when you flip it, much of the flavor will be lost.

Step 3: Serve

Let the meat stand about 5 minutes before serving. The steak will actually continue to cook slightly during this time, so take that into account when deciding to remove a steak from the grill. It’s always better to remove a steak from the grill earlier, rather than later because you can always put a steak back on the grill if you need it cooked more. It’s pretty hard to uncook and overcooked steak.

Serve your steak with sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions or a large pat of herbed butter.

It is Foodball season in some countries and that means grilling out, so take advantage of the ground beef offer. Use the link on this page and start enjoying great food delivered right to your door. Just click Get Ground Beef for Life at ButcherBox for more information.

Today’s Parting Thought: Remind Yourself that if you can conceive it in your mind, then it can be brought into your physical world -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends, Share the Love

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef

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