Home School Cooking Classes

Home School Cooking Classes

I have found something that I just have to share with you. If you Home School, here is a cooking class that will not only teach young people to cook but it can be part of their school learning. How cool is that? Well for a chef like myself, I think it is so cool that I became an affiliate as soon as I checked out a few of the classes.

I got my start in the kitchen when I was about 9 by making lunches for the other kids in a foster home I lived in. It served me well in picking a career that has lasted a lifetime. Even if your students do not wish to become chefs, they will still need to be able to cook when they leave home and go out on their own.

Teach them now and you have a chefs-helper in your kitchen until they do leave and go out on their own. And if you are as busy as most home school teachers, the extra help will be a blessing for years to come.

Click on the picture for more information and see if this is something your students might enjoy…..I’m betting they will.

There is never a better time to start teaching someone to cook than when they are young and have a creative mind. People will always need to eat and if a young person knows how to cook they can usually get a job within a couple of days when they need one.

There are many pluses to knowing how to cook and it is a class your students will look forward to each week.

Bon Provecho

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2 thoughts on “Home School Cooking Classes”

  • It is a lot of fun to create something with food so that everyone can enjoy a great meal. And your mother was wise to teach
    you early. So many young people are growing up today believing that fast food is food and the kitchen is only the place to
    go and unwrap the burger and fries before eating. It is a shame.

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