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Junk Food is Not Healthy Food

Junk Food is Not Healthy Food

Junk Food is Not Healthy Food,  It is Junk in the opinion of this chef. If your health or the health of the ones you love is a concern, then you want to steer them away from junk food and towards a more plant-based clean eating lifestyle.

Marketing is a very  powerful tool when used by the experts employed by food companies.  Think about it, Because of marketing, the masses can be fooled into believing things are good for you that are really not, setting the stage for pharmaceutical companies to come in.

This is how the processed/ junk food industry operates. By using persuasive marketing strategies, they can convince millions to purchase their goods, which are far from being good for you.

At their core,many of them are being so highly processed that the ingredients they originally come from can only be found in trace amounts if at all.

The fact is, Junk Food is Not Healthy Food, it is just junk.

Here are some reasons why junk and processed foods should be considered anti-nature:

They Are Loaded With Sodium

Much of the sodium we consume on a daily basis does not come from real whole food, but rather the processed foods that we consume every day. There are so many foods that contain excessive sodium that you are unlikely to realize it. For example, maybe you don’t have a natural taste liking for such “salty foods”, but love sweet. That soda you are Junk Food is Not Healthy Foodconsuming is also loaded with a sodium derivative, even though you can’t taste it. Such are the hidden dangers of processed food.

They Are Made Heavily Of Simple Sugars

If you rely on processed foods for “nourishment”, you aren’t really getting that. You may notice that while using junk foods for sustenance, you are more frequently constipated, which is due to lack of complex carbs and fiber. Simple carbohydrates just enter the blood stream and are speedily absorbed, disrupting blood sugar levels in the process. Natural foods consist of more complex, low GI carbs, and have fiber to help promote digestive health and regularity.

Processed Foods Contain Artificial Fats

If you think all fats are bad, you have been mislead. In fact, natural fats are good for us, and even essential. The ones that have given all the bad rap are mainly Trans fats, a modified variety of an oil that allows it to remain solid at room temperature. Oils are usually liquid at room temperature. This kind of fat is highly pro-inflammatory, meaning that it promotes scenarios leading to increased inflammatory processes once consumed.

Inflammation speeds up aging, and contributes to many of our chronic disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Many Processed Foods Contain Anti-Nutrients

Did you know that white potato is considered an anti-nutrient? Yes, white potato is known as an anti-nutrient, in the sense that it prevents absorption of other nutrients, bringing down the nutritional value of the entire meal.  White potatoes are a favorite inclusion in processed food. White potatoes are cheap, and arguably tastier than sweet potatoes, making them an ideal item to increase profits of big brand junk food companies.

Preservatives And Additives Found In Junk/ Fast Food Is Killing You

No food is meant to be kept for months without spoilage, or rancidity occurring, so why can processed foods be kept so long?  They contain additives and preservatives, which are basically chemicals that artificially extend the life of foods. Are they helpful? Sometimes, definitely. But more often than not, they are a hazard to your health.

Even though many are “safe” in very, very low concentrations and approved for human consumption by the FDA, they are frequently used in amounts far exceeding their safe limit, and consumed much more often than occasionally.

Therefore, while we can’t fully blame the FDA for approving these chemicals, they should use common sense and realize people do not consume these processed foods once in a while. Think of it this way, if the bun on your burger contains the maximum amount of additives and preservatives allowed, and the meat in the burger the same, and the cheese likewise, plus the condiments which are also loaded with sugar, plus the fries loaded with salt, and the soda loaded with to many bad sugars, etc. you have probably just stacked the additives, sugars,sodium, and preservatives way past the acceptable amount.


Junk Food is Not Healthy Food. Most Processed foods are the furthest thing from natural- regardless of what they claim. Let’s not forget many are GMO produced, which raise another set of ethical questions when it comes to consumption. This is of course the opinion of this chef and in fact there are those that will disagree with me completely. I am here to suggest that you switch to a clean eating whole foods diet for a month and feel the improvement. Your body will love you for it.

One of the easiest ways to be successful when you are switching to a whole foods lifestyle is to keep yourself feeling full. When we start to feel hungry, it becomes very easy for us to reach back to our favorite junk foods.

But the good news is that planning all of your meals around the good protein, carbs, and fiber will allow you to feel full for a longer period of time. And feeling full longer will help you greatly on your whole food eating path.

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Bon Provecho


Maria and Bill

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  • Roy, as long as you have tinted glass on your windows………..just kidding, there are some great healthy snacks available. Actually I make my own
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