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Managing The Ketogenic Induction Phase

Managing The Ketogenic Induction Phase

Judging by the questions I am asked it is time for an article about Managing The Ketogenic Induction Phase. I have noticed that there is a lot available about how to live after you are following the ketogenic lifestyle but perhaps we need a little more information about what to expect on the way there.

Inducing a Ketogenic diet has effective and fast solutions for people who are having trouble losing weight. After losing a certain amount of weight, people sometimes enter a plateau in which weight becomes stagnant on the scale, even with a clean diet and exercise.

This is your body’s response to your new diet and exercise level that it isn’t used to. Sometimes the body begins to hold onto fat as an energy resource, holding back your weight loss.

A Ketogenic induction phase could be very useful because it will speed the body’s metabolism by closing up glycogen receptors, forcing the body to burn fat instead of glucose.

When inducing a Ketogenic diet, you will be allowed to eat a lot of the good high fat foods that are normally not allowed in basic diets. Foods that are high in fats and proteins, but low in carbohydrates will fill you up much faster, while preventing the body from making glucose out of the carbs.

Staying at about 20 grams of carbohydrates a day with exercise is a great way to induce a Ketogenic diet just by counting your macronutrients. Macronutrients are the main nutrition facts such as protein, carbs and fats that you should be checking on with every meal that you prepare.

Don’t let the Exercise part scare you, I spent the first few months with just a walking program. I started with a goal of 5000 feet, after a while I increased to 7500, then to the 10,000 feet a day that is so well covered on the net. After that I moved up to 12,500 feet which is my daily goal now. I don’t make that number nearly as often as I want to but it is a goal. We need goals to move us forward in life. I also have returned to a simple form of Tai Chi and Qigong. Believe me, if it was hard I would look for other forms of exercise.

Don’t feel pressured to change your entire diet. Perhaps it would be less stressful and more beneficial to some people to use the Ketogenic induction phase just for a couple of weeks to break the plateau, and then resume your regular low carb diet. I don’t recommend this because it is a form of teasing yourself that only prolongs the journey, however I must share it as an option.

If done on a strict regimen, Managing The Ketogenic Induction Phase makes it possible to induce a Ketogenic diet within three to five days. However, it takes a bit more of an adjustment period to get used to the low carbs, somewhere between about three weeks up to eight weeks to completely adapt to a ketogenic lifestyle.

The Truth is, this isn’t an easy diet at the beginning, and changing your food lifestyle could come with a couple of unwelcome symptoms. Moodiness, lack of energy and hunger are the most common and discouraging symptoms of starting this diet. These symptoms all disappear within a week or so. I find it hard to eat more that 1800 calories a day and often have a problem reaching the 1200 calories that is the minimum amount for my body size.

However, if you can stick with it, the rewards will be worth it and the symptoms will subside. Unless you’re okay with waiting out your scale plateau, or starting a slower paced diet, a ketogenic induction phase might just be what you need.

A Ketogenic diet is definitely for the strong minded individual who is okay with the “No pain, no gain” mindset during the start of the journey. Sometimes it’s better to suffer an adjustment period for just a short while, to succeed on the fast track. And it is a lifestyle that, once past the Induction Phase becomes easier and more enjoyable every day.

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