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The path to A New You Starts in the kitchen With The Food You Choose To Eat

Resource page

Hi and welcome to my resource page. This is where you will find information about products that I use in my kitchen. Some are special and make life a little easier while others are “must have” items that I would not want to be without. I am an affiliate because I use these and feel that they are some of the best products on the market. As an affiliate I will receive a small allowance if you should buy from them using my link. This in no way effects your cost. I only promote what I believe in.

The Alderspring Rance is my choice for Grass Fed Organic Beef. I like the way they raise the cattle and the area where they raise them. They offer a good choice of cuts of beef at various prices. I will be sharing recipes using different cuts of beef to help you pick what to purchase if your should decide to try this truly great tasting beef.