Simplifying My Life On Keto

Simplifying My Life On Keto

I am Simplifying My Life On Keto. I have been revisiting  my other blog “Our life in Mexico” . It has been a year since my last article there and what a year.  There was the cancer and the road back to start with. That lead to the ketogenic lifestyle in a big way.Which lead to writing posts and sharing recipes here about keto and to some extent the Paleo lifestyles’

That soon developed into a “full time job” with a coach and a mastermind group and goal setting, and deadlines to meet, and products to develop. I dove into it as I tend to do. Not as much for making a couple of extra dollars but because I am so devoted to the keto diet and what it can do for your health that I wanted to make more information available to others. And it did become a job but with way more attention and hours that I had planned for.

So here we are, I am visiting my doctors this week because of stress levels that are scary beyond belief at the moment. My wife has been very worried right along with me. She has kind of put the question to me like “So how are you enjoying your retirement life in Mexico so far?”

I won’t bore you with the details but she did point out that while a little extra money would help, I do not need to work for the money at this stage in life so why am I spending so many hours in front of a computer “working” when the plan was to hug a tree, walk along the beach, an have a glass of wine as the sun sets in this beautiful area of the world?  Above all why am I not being the cross between an old hippy and the inner Bohemian, living and enjoying my artistic, literary, musical, adventurous, and other alternative passions. She has a way with words. There are some lonely trees in the area.

Red Wine as a healthy drink

She made it clear that curing the cancer, mainly by following a ketogenic lifestyle and then letting stress kill me is not the answer she had hoped to see. I was overlooking that little factor because as a chef with menus to develop, cooks to train, kitchens to maintain, and meals to serve, I have lived with stress most of my life. But I am older now and that stress is a not so silent killer that needs to be controlled.

Prostate Health

There are some great bloggers on the internet sharing recipes and information about the keto diet and lifestyle and I enjoy following some of them for ideas and to keep up to date. The problem I have been having is that the websites (including mine) all pretty much look the same. Great pictures of great looking food and recipes. But for me it is not always that real. Are we really looking to make a kale and Spinach keto health bar, or a fresh goat milk protein shake with coco nibs? As a chef, I make fancy meals when I expect guests. My “at home alone” keto diet is much simpler. With Simplifying My Life On Keto I am planning to start sharing those recipes with you. They are closer to the recipes that we ate as young people growing up.

My Life of Keto for a Year

One item that comes to mind is fat bombs which are often served as a dessert. When we were growing up, we had about a dozen different dessert’s we knew. Grandma’s pies, Mom’s upside-down pineapple cake, three or four flavors of ice cream etc. Today, if you look around the internet there must be 50 different recipes for chocolate-peanut-butter fat bombs. And there are hundreds of other fat bombs with as many ways to make each of them. You can get lost trying to make them all and unless you have a lot of friends on keto, you can never eat all of them without gaining weight.

In Simplifying My Life On Keto I have decided to share recipes of the Keto foods I serve at my house when it is just me and my wife having dinner. The pictures, for the most part will be taken with my phone camera and the recipes will be quick and easy. I will share one or two a week but that will be about the limit as I want to do some of the fun things I had planned when I retired.

As always, I will only advertise items on the blog that I and my family use and trust and I will work to get you the best price possible. I am presently writing a series of keto books that will be offered at a very reasonable price and I will use that money to support the blog.

The way to enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle is to keep it simple. Good food without to much time in the kitchen. Choices the family will love. Staying as close to a whole food menu as possible, and adding a little fun exercise to keep the body working well. That is what this blog post is all about.

I also have a Facebook group.You are invited to join us where we can exchange ideas and answer questions about the keto and paleo foods and recipes. Just click HERE to join our family of Whole Food Low-Carb keto/paleo Enthusiasts on Facebook..

Today’s Parting Thought: “Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good.” ― Alice May Brock

Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends, Share the Love

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef


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  • I was reviewing your website and I believe you would do better if it was named Indian Keto because at it’s heart it is a keto diet. The breakfast recipe you share is
    great and I will give it a go tomorrow for one of my meals. I hope to see more recipes such as the ones you shared. Thanks

  • Hi ChefChaney,

    It was a great story you shared about Simplifying Keto. I agree that simplifying Keto recipe is one of the best way to take control of our Diet. This absolutely goes to my diet plan which is more simplified. Thanks for sharing such a great for Keto Simplicity.

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