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Staying In Ketosis On A Road Trip

Staying In Ketosis On A Road Trip

In a few days I will be driving North from Puerto Vallarta,, Mx to Racine, Wi. a journey of about 2800 miles each way.  I do all the driving so that is about 5600 miles behind the wheel.

It will be a challenge to stay in ketosis for the complete trip but I feel that with the proper planning it can be done. I thought it might be fun to share the information so that anyone planning to drive on their summer vacation would have a little idea what to expect. Not that most will be driving in Mexico but from Eagle Pass where we enter the USA up to WIsconsin and back to the border will be the most challenging part of the journey food wise.

Today we went over our maps to refresh in our minds the route we will take. Once in the states we have a GPS but here in Mexico, not so much.

You NEVER drive after dark here so the hotel stops need to be well planned. It’s not just about knowing when the sun comes up and sets. The second day includes a military checkpoint. It can take up to two hours to pass through this because of the traffic. We are scheduling that leg of the trip on Sunday hoping there will be a lot less traffic. Time will tell.

Also, that is when we make our “run for the border”  because the last 300 miles this side of the boarder is where you read about all the bad guys attacking tourists. We stay on paid highways as much as possible and those highways have Military patrols and Police patrols going back and forth and setting up random road checks. There are different levels of police in this country. These are the Big, Shinny Black Dodge Pickups with gold writing on the sides and 3 or 4 very heavily armed officers riding in the back. One is always standing with his machine gun at the ready.  They are also stationed at every toll booth watching every car and truck and doing random checks in an attempt to keep the highway safe.

We had a problem with the “Bad hombres” on our first road trip here a few years back when we failed to follow the rules of travel, but that is another story for another time.

Our First nights stay is in Matehula, Mx which is 858 km from Puerto Vallarta, (533 miles) about 10 hours from here. There is no place to buy food along the way that is going to keep me in ketosis. The gas stations all have stores that are much like the 7-11’s up north. And the hotel has a restaurant with high prices and low quality for food. That means I will pack my food before leaving for the trip. I will be packing enough to keep me healthy without making me sleepy, which means No Chicken.

In the next article I will share with you my planned diet for the first day of travel as well as a recipe for the fat bomb I plan to take along. When driving for 10 hours, I will want a fat bomb or two. My wife will be setting next to me and she is not in ketosis so she will be eating foods that are not part of my diet.

As part of the planning for the trip, I started extending the hours of my intermediate fasting going from 12 hours to 16 hours to be ready for the trip.

Of course I will start my day as always with a mug of Keto coffee. Recipe Here This gives me tons of energy for the day.

Watch for the next article and let’s share this adventure together. To be sure to not miss any of the keto challenges I will face, be sure to sign up for our news letter at the top of the page. When I am not in an area where I have wi-fi I will be sending from my phone. I will also be sharing my reviews of all the restaurants we visit along the way and how keto friendly I find them. I will also let you know if I should “fall off the keto wagon” and why it happens, if it does happen.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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4 thoughts on “Staying In Ketosis On A Road Trip”

  • That’s very true. I often got Paleo for a day or two when traveling just to open the door for a few more carbs. I have found that I need to
    keep it limited to between 50 and 75 carbs on those days and then jump back down to 20 carbs the following day or I stall mu progress.

  • I think you are correct my friend. I sometimes think I am to0 “old school” and travel north to have my tax accountent take care of my taxes. I have been with him for 25 years and until he retires I will keep doing this. I think I will add a couple of hard boiled eggs, olives and sardines to the above list. Thanks, I will do my best to have a safe trip, not trying to drive to many hours each day.

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