Staying Keto While Traveling from Mexico to Wisconsin

Staying Keto While Traveling from Mexico to Wisconsin

Some of our friends wanted to know how we were staying Keto while traveling from Mexico to Wisconsin. It does take some planning but the restaurants we visited had items we could enjoy without going off the ketogenic diet.

One of the places we would always visit when we crossed from Mexico into Texas was to stop at WhatABurger. I know fast food should not be our first choice but by the time we got over the bridge into the United States we just wanted to grab a bite and get off the road to a hotel for the night. It takes over an hour to cross the bridge and clear customs and that is after driving for about 11 hours.

Staying Keto While Traveling

Anyway, WhatABurger did not have anything listed on the menu but I asked and the cook said she would wrap the what a burger in a lettuce wrap, which she did. It worked just fine and was “dinner” for the night. They offer an unsweetened ice tea so I was ok. for the first night back.

The hotel had a “breakfast” buffet so I grabbed a couple of hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee and I was ok. Actually I took the eggs with me to eat later in the day because I never eat that early in the day/ I did “bulletproof” my coffee with Bulletproof High Energy Instamix because it has Gress-fedbutterfat and Brain Octane oil. Once I drink it, I won’t be hungry for hours.

The Second evening we ate at Fuddruckers and I got a large salad with chicken. I did need to ask them to leave off the dressing and give me some balsamic vinegar on the side which I could add myself. I also had to remove the bread croutons once I got the salad but and they ha added some dried cranberries which I removed and gave to my wife for her salad. Again my option was unsweetened ice tea. Be sure to ask for the grilled chicken because the crispy chicken is coated with flour before being fried.

We have eaten a couple of times at the Golden Corral which is a chain that you can find along the highways of America. They have a large salad bar which allows you to build your own salads plus a lot of choices of chicken and beef so it is completely in your hands to eat what you want.  The soups are off limits because you just can not be sure what is in them.

Staying Keto While Traveling

The best so far is a restaurant here in the Racine area called Milrose. They have a large menu but perhaps my favorite is their Mediterranean Salad. It does come with pita chips but my wife is happy to take those off my hands leaving me with a great salad. It has a lot of Gero meat.When we lived here we would take most of the meat home for our dogs but now we just shared it with one of our sons that had joined us for lunch.

Staying Keto While Traveling


We have a few more days here and we will be eating a lot of meals at home but then the adventure begins all over again. The plan is to do as we did when we left Puerto Vallarta, that is to buy a chicken and pack a cooler with chicken, olives, mini bonbel cheese, pickles, Grapefruit for my wife and a few bottles of mineral water for me. That will get us through the first day.

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4 thoughts on “Staying Keto While Traveling from Mexico to Wisconsin”

  • We also raise our own chickens so eggs and chicken is not a problem. Fish is big with us and we are blessed to live only a few miles from where the
    fishermen dock after a night of fishing and we can buy directly from the boat. Open range cattle is not a problem here but we have been cutting back
    because what they offer in the Mexican restaurants is pretty much the same selections everywhere and the restaurants gears to the tourists, while they
    have a better selection, also cost a lot more. My wife does not eat beef so there is no real reason to cook it at home unless I need pictures for
    a recipe I will be sharing. I really don’t look at it as a diet, more of a lifestyle with a few food restrictions. I like to go keto 6 days a week and
    Paleo one day a week, watching the carbs on all days.

  • Hi, Glad you were able to keep to your diet.The longer I am on this program the less I enjoy beef. Fish is still big on the list and chickens remain because we raise them but open range raised cattle are a little out of my budget more that a couple of times a month.

  • The Vegetarian portion is slowly becoming my favorite. The longer I am on this program the less I enjoy beef. Fish is still big on the list and chickens remain because we raise them but open range raised cattle are a little out of my budget more that a couple of times a month. We will be heading back in a week or so and the go to foods for me will be about 85% veggies because they are so easy to keep in the cooler.My wife will make herself a large pan of apple bread and buy a bag of pink grapefruit which are her favorite foods for the road.

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