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The path to Our Health Starts in the kitchen With The Food We Eat

The Blue Ribbon For Male Cancer

The Blue Ribbon For Male Cancer

How many of you are aware of the Blue Ribbon For Male Cancer and what it is all about? It is not as well known as the Pink ribbon that reminds us of female cancer, mainly breast cancer. The blue ribbon is a reminder that men can also have cancer problems. This blue ribbon is mine. I got it in my doctors office when we were reviewing our attack plan to fight my cancer. Many men are completely unaware of all the cancers that they can actually get during their lifetime so they are caught completely off guard when the doctor tells them “Sit down, we need to talk.”

While I am working with a medical team to combat cancer, I am also very aware that nutrition has a lot to do with our health.  What we chose to eat or not eat can have a direct effect on our chances of getting cancer or other medical problems during our lifetime.

There are many that would chose to keep their cancer a secret and not talk about it. I have chosen to share with you the nutritional information I have available in a weekly article on my website.  I will post about Mens Health and Food every Monday for now and share recipes later that week that are related to the health topic of the week. I hope you will join us.

I will continue to research each of these subjects so that I can find the latest information available and then I will review it as a chef. What foods can help with this challenge. What is the best way to prepare the foods. What are a couple of recipes that the whole family can enjoy without making a big deal about my diet.

The whole series is my attempt to help people be aware of how our health is directly effected by what we eat. It is not medical advice. You should always see a medical professional with any medical questions you have. Never change your eating habits until you have reviewed it with your medical professional.

The first of the series if this Monday. If you sign up at the top right of the page, I will send you a brief recap at the end of the week of what was shared. I will also add any new developments that we uncover during our research. And Please leave a comment in the comment area below the articles. I will answer all of them.

Join me every Monday as I share a laymen’s view of these issues including recipes of the better foods for health along with information to help us all age better, healthier, living our best lives now.

If you have not signed up for your copy of “Clean Eating – How and Why to cut out Processed Foods” please do so at the top right this article. I would love to have you join our family of Whole Food Enthusiasts..

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