The Keto Diet And Fasting

The Keto Diet And Fasting

Some of my friends have asked about The Keto Diet And Fasting. If you are new to the keto lifestyle and/or just starting a keto diet, the idea of fasting might sound a little scary. Fasting is actually something that you will want to address and I feel that the sooner the better.

There are some very hard fasts but the Good news is there are also some Very Easy Fasts. When you first begin to fast, a simple 12 or 14 hour fast might be the easiest. In a 12 hour fast, you just don’t eat during a 12 hour period. If you have your last food at say 7 p.m. you will have completed the fast at 7 a.m. however, if you can add just 2 more hours and make it a 14 hour fast the benefits increase and really help you get into ketosis.

I am a lifetime faster, or at least that is the plan and the fast I use is called the 5-1-1. Although my goal is a 3-2-2 I still need to write the meal plan for that step, which I plan to do this week. This plan allows me to follow keto closely 5 days a week, have a Feast Day and then have a Fast day. The nice thing is that I can work the fast day so that I start it at around 6 p.m. and then have a small meal at 6 p.m. the following day. So I am never going a complete day without a meal. Super easy. I first learned of this from Dr. Dan Pompa who I consider a mentor. He Explains the health benefits in such detail that it makes you wish you had been fasting forever. If no other benefit gets your attention, the slowing of the aging process should.

And by the way, the 3-2-2 means that I follow a strict keto 3 keto days a week, have 2 Feat days a week and 2 fast days a week. I don’t go crazy on my Feast Days but I do allow myself to enjoy some of those foods that I would not eat on a strict keto day. I will share my menu plan if you would like some ideas.

Here is the really good news, If you want to hear all about the 5-1-1 and all the other fasts that are available to you as well as all of their many health benefits, You can click Here There is a No Cost Fasting Transformation Summit and you will recieve a presentationby Dr. Dan Pompa with a 30 minute overview of the 5-1-1 that you can watch as soon as you sign up. The no cost course starts in a week so now is a good time to join and find out what the experts have to say on the subject. This is being presented by Dr. David Jockers and Dr. Gez Agelli.  I have been following and learning from Dr. David Jockers for years.

If you really want to march forward on your ketogenic journey, I recommend that you look into adding fasting to your lifestyle. This is your chance to learn from the leaders in the field at no cost to you, presented in easy to understand presentations. I hope you will take advantage of it.

I also have a Facebook group.You are invited to join us where we can exchange ideas and answer questions about the keto and paleo foods and recipes. Just click to join our family of Whole Food Low-Carb keto/paleo Enthusiasts on Facebook..

Today’s Parting Thought: It is said that we are what we eat, also just as important is how often we eat and how much we eat. We need all three to complete the journey.

Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends, Share the Love

bon provecho

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