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Tips for Staying on Top of Your Keto Eating Plan

Tips for Staying on Top of Your Keto Eating Plan

Here are a few Tips for Staying on Top of Your Keto Eating Plan that will help you along the way to establishing a keto lifestyle that you can follow. When I first started it was a little rocking until I got a “system” set up that I could follow.

Start by thinking about which keto-friendly foods you might want to add to your diet. Can’t get enough bacon or hamburgers? Find eggs to be eggscellent? Enjoy an afternoon snack of nuts or cheese? Once you’ve pictured your new and enjoyable way of eating, make a list. Take your list to the grocery store and put those things in your cart. Then go home, stock your fridge, make any necessary preparations, and enjoy these keto diet selections throughout the day as needed.

Of course there are some things to remember such as buying sugar free raw bacon, farm fresh free range eggs and beef that has been raised on an open range and not spent time in a cattle feed lot where it has been fed grains to fatten it up and antibiotics to keep it semi-healthy until needed.

Keep the grocery list going. You really don’t want to run out of your favorite food supplies when it’s time to make a meal. If you have a list in plain sight, posted in the kitchen, then when you do the grocery shopping you can quickly grab it on the way out to the store and you won’t run low on your favorite, keto-friendly foods and supplies. Sounds simple but if your anything like me, when you get to the store, if you don’t have a list you forget items you need and by trying to guess, you end up buying items you don’t need. It has happened all to often to me, now I keep a list. but even then I will miss an item once in a while.

Revisit your list of foods for a keto lifestyle every now and then to keep things interesting. The quickest way to deviate from your ketogenic diet is to forget what it was that you wanted to eat more of. And believe it or not, that does happen. You might hear that avocados are a thumbs-up on this diet and think to yourself, “I love avocados,” then completely Staying on Top of Your Keto Eating Planforget about them and not buy a single avocado for the next six months because you just never got into the habit of doing so. That’s why reviewing the master list now and then will help you stay on course until it becomes second nature to you.

I enjoy at least one avocado a day because they contribute nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a great nutrient dense food choice. Avocados contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fat – that's the good fat! They are naturally sodium, sugar and cholesterol free. Click To Tweet There are many ways to eat an avocado but I will often just enjoy them right out of the skin with a dash of himalayan salt.

Don’t forget about helpful supplies. You’ll want to purchase a few special items as you embark on your new eating plan. These are basically to-go items that will enable you to have your food on the run. Make a list of the following:

Small cooler. This can be the traditional plastic kind, such as the Playmate, or you can also try a small, vinyl lined lunch box. You can bring your to-go keto lunch and snack items to work with you. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, travel about during the course of your work day, or conduct most of your business out of a company vehicle. The cooler will be key to having take-along, keto-friendly foods to sustain your hunger as needed.

Freezer packs. Some of your keto-friendly foods will need to be kept cold, so you want to make sure you’re fully stocked with freezer packs. Get around 4 of them, this way if you accidentally leave one someplace, such as in a friend’s freezer, you’ll still have backup. Don’t forget to put your cold packs back in the freezer at the end of the day. You can just pop them into your handy food cooler in the morning and be on your way.

I have replaced my freezer packs and when I prepare to travel that will require I keep the food chilled I have small half pint glass bottles that I fill with pure drinking water and freeze overnight. I put one or two into my vinyl lunch bag along with the food and by the time I am ready to eat, I have nice chilled drinking water. It’s a win/win. I save the glass bottles from a natural mineral water I enjoy.

Storage containers. Small ones are better, as they’ll fit into your lunch cooler and you can portion out different types of foods for snacking throughout the day. Some people who are concerned about the dangers of plastic may want to pick up some stacking glass containers with lids. You can also keep some recycled plastic storage containers handy that you won’t mind parting with. Chinese restaurants often serve food in those white or black plastic containers with the clear, snap-on lids. These can be great to have as back-up, and if you need to throw one out, it won’t be a big deal.

Plastic Ziploc bags. Again, if plastic isn’t a concern for you then you can take advantage of sealable plastic bags because they’ll allow you to pack more food into a small space without worrying about leakage and mess. Get a few different sizes, such as sandwich bags, quart bags and gallon bags. Freezer bags, too, will come in handy if you plan to have make-head meals that you can wrap and freeze for quick thawing and microwaving back to life as needed.

One of the great things about a ketogenic lifestyle is that you don’t really feel hungry all that often so you do not need to carry to much food do we can do much more with a smaller container.

Soon you will get into the food-prep habit. About every 5 days or so, you’ll need to replenish your dwindling ketogenic food supply. This will mean another trip to the store, and some advance cooking and packing up of your favorite foods so that you can grab and go on a busy morning without a lot of fussing and fumbling. I eat a lot of fresh greens that I raise or purchase from local farmers markets. I prefer to eat organic foods as often as possible and avoid GMO foods. It requires a little extra work to get started but soon you will know just where to purchase your healthy foods.

One last tip: From time to time you might end up eating something that takes you out of ketos. It happens to all of us. There are products available that will get you right back into ketos without the three or four day struggle. There is one brand that I like more than the others on the marketplace because it is clean and does allow me to carb-cycle. You can find out more information if you are interested in having this type of product for just such time. Just click here: My Favorite Support Products I actually like and use their products so I have become an affiliate, which means I will receive a small payment if you should buy from my site. It does not effect your price but it does help support this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Staying on Top of Your Keto Eating Plan”

  • What a great idea of having a special space for leftovers. I am like you, not crazy about leftovers but my wife does not follow the ketogenic lifestyle and always prepared more than she needs so there are leftovers in the fridge at any given time. In Puerto Vallart there are only a couple of hotels that serve kosher meals and like on the airplanes you need to order in advance because they are not prepared “on site” As large as Puerto Vallarta is, they do not have a Synagogue, just recently a Rabbi moved here so now there is a house that is being used for worship.It has only been this past year that Puerto Vallarta got it’s first Kosher deli so it is making progress although very slowly. I’m still waiting for lox and bagels with cream cheese and maybe a bialy now and then. I know it’s not keto but one must break a rule now and then.

  • So, I detest leftovers. Not that I would throw things out- but I don’t like the concept of eating something twice in a row. But, I do have left-overs after a Friday night or holiday meal. So, I do have storage containers (which are kept in the second- MUCH COLDER) fridge. And, a sticky on the fridge reminding me that I have leftovers downstairs. So, that on day 3 after the meal with leftovers, they are the basis of that meal.
    (By the way, you could use a smart fridge to know what you need to stock. But pay attention to my caveats in my post today.)
    I prepare meals for one or two every day of the week (but Shabat, where its for 6 to 12) and love the flavors and textures of the “just-made: food. I realize I am more than a little eccentric, but that’s just me.
    My diet is not as keto as most, because now that I rarely travel, I don’t have the craving for meat (when I travel, I can rarely – if ever- found kosher food, so i felt deprived of choices), so it’s a rare occurrence. But, I do add a hard-boiled egg, a 4 ounce piece of salmon or tuna (crushed and shredded) to my salads. And, ketogenic diets are the best choice for those who are worried about potential kidney failure.

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