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Welcome to the New You

Welcome to the New You
Your A Winner

Welcome to the New You! You did it! You have completed the challenge. You have battled through the challenges and felt the successes. There have been times when you have struggled, but you never gave up.

Today is a day to be proud of yourself. Today is also a day to reward yourself. Rewarding yourself is a great way to keep your motivation up, and continue to push forward in your journey.

It is also a great way to teach ourselves to look for something other than food when we accomplish things. Instead of a victory dinner, you will learn to go on vacation, buy a book, or do other fun activities when you have hit a milestone.

Today is a good day to set up a rewards system for yourself. Think about the different milestones you want to reach and how you will reward yourself at each one. For extra motivation, it is a good idea to write your rewards system down and put it where you can easily see it, perhaps even in the front of your journal.

However you choose to celebrate today, remember to spoil yourself a bit. You have earned this!

To Your Success!,

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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