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What are the Worst Foods for Increasing Cancer Risk?

What are the Worst Foods for Increasing Cancer Risk?

What are the Worst Foods for Increasing Cancer Risk? Well actually are are a few but today we are going to look at three that need our attention.

The announcement by the World Health Organization in late 2015 that bacon may increase your risk of developing cancer was worrying to many who read it, but the reality is that the potential risks associated with moderate bacon consumption are low if you use what is referred to as “raw bacon”. Any diet that is heavily reliant on processed foods and processed meats is going to increase the cancer risk in an individual, but are there any specific foods that you should be actively avoiding? Let’s take a look at some of the most risky offenders.

Charred Food

The risk with charred food is that, by its very nature, it contains carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that are known to be cancer causing. Whether it is burnt toast, char grilled chicken, burnt steaks, over grilled fish or any other kind of charred foodstuff, the likelihood of carcinogens being present in the charred substance is high. For this reason, eating mistakenly charred food is a blatantly risky attitude. At first that news set me back because I thought for a minute that it was telling me that I had to give up the outdoor grill. What it is really telling me is to grill to my hearts content just don’t char the food. Got it, I can do that. I really enjoy a meal that is mostly made up of a selection of assorted grilled vegetables and perhaps a grilled chicken thigh or two.

Trans Fats

Some kinds of fat are not only acceptable to the human body, they are necessary for a healthy system. (think avocados) Trans fats do not fit into this category. Trans fats do not occur naturally in high concentrations, but the development of highly processed foods have resulted in artificial trans fats becoming commonplace in many everyday foodstuffs. These artificial trans fats have been heavily associated with cancer causing diets, and should be avoided when trying to balance a healthy diet. Trans fatty foods include fries, chips and other heavily processed snack foods. Also some of the oils that you use to cook with produce trans fats when heated. I will have more about that in an article about oils and which to use for health and which to avoid.

Soft Drinks

The risks presented by sodas simply cannot be overstated. Recent studies have suggested that the regular consumption of sodas or soft drinks can have just as negative an impact on the human body as alcohol. The big difference being someone who drinks alcohol every day will be identified as having a problem. Someone who drinks sodas every day won’t even stand out! The risks presented by heavy soft drink consumption are not limited to what is actually in the soft drinks – it is also the opportunity cost. Every time you drink a soft drink, you are not drinking water, or some other juice that gives you necessary nutrients. I was addicted to diet Pepsi for years and it seems that Mexico lives on Coca Cola. There is probably more coca cola sold in Mexico than milk and orange juice combined.

These three items are some of the Worst Foods for Increasing Cancer Risk. The key factor here for many is balance. Eating one slice of burnt toast isn’t going to give you cancer overnight. On the other hand, having a trans fat heavy diet and drinking 2 liters of soda every day certainly isn’t going to help your cause! If you have cancer or are worried about cancer, the time to remove these from your menu is now. Cancer lives off of glucose which is produced from sugar. Soda is loaded with sugar or a chemical sweetener that your body does not need. Take care of your health by adjusting a little and you will enjoy life a lot more.

The road to men’s health starts in the kitchen with the food he eats and drinks, so why not join me here as I share a chef’s view of these issues including recipes of the better foods for health along with,  information to help us all age better, healthier, living our best lives now.

We welcome your comments in the space below this article and will reply to each one.If you have not signed up for your copy of “35 Tips To Go Low-Carb When Eating out” please do so at the top right this article. I would love to have you join our family of Whole Food Enthusiasts..

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4 thoughts on “What are the Worst Foods for Increasing Cancer Risk?”

  • We are talking about foods that increase the risk of cancer. Cancer feeds on sugar. Pop as you call it is LOADED with sugar, real cane sugar in some cases and make believe chemical sugars in others. That turns into glucose which the cancer cells then feed on. A person such as myself can barbecue a steak or cook it in a frying pan perfectly well without reaching 400 degrees and thus avoiding the char. As I mentioned once before, I am not writing a book on the subject just giving my readers a little information what to watch out for and what to enjoy. Side note: As a chef I have cooked or had cooked thousands of steaks and always avoided charring them for both flavor and eye appeal. Once they are charred the flavor changes completely so why do that to a costly cut of beef.

  • Whoa, there, Chef William! Pop, at best, MAY contain a POSSIBLE carcinogen. I am not saying drinking pop is a fine idea. But, let’s stick to real facts.
    And, it’s not just “charred” food as you implied. it’s the cooking of the item at temperatures of 400 or so – or higher- that create those carcinogens. So, putting your steak in a frying pan creates the same carcinogenic load as would barbecuing it.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…Get Out of DebtMy Profile

  • I am almost there with you on the ginger ale, for me it is ginger beer. I have no idea why it is called ginger beer as it really is a soda but I really like it. Lucky for me there isn’t any near where we live here in Mexico and when we are at our home in Wisconsin I restrict myself to only a can or two at the most. I stay away from the char because of the cancer but I would enjoy it if I could. I have moved away from a lot of foods I enjoyed in the past and moved on to a ketogenic lifestyle. There are so many great meals that I can create that I do not miss the old lifestyle as long as I’m not at a party where that is all there is to eat. Then it gets a little tough so I have learned to bring a little something for myself.

  • I agree. Moderation in all things. On occasion, I like a glass of ginger ale or even something that’s been charred a bit. On the other hand, trans fat is all yucky all of the time.

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