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What Are Whole Foods

What Are Whole Foods

The first article I shared with you on this web-blog was back on April 13, 2016.It was titled What are Whole Foods and why are they such a big deal?

Basically, whole foods are foods that are presented to us without all the chemicals and other stuff added to them. With all the chemicals being added to processed foods and all the poisons being used on the plants and animals that will become our foods it is no longer healthy to just open a can, heat up the ingredients and call it dinner.

Our bodies want foods that are as near to the way nature presented them as possible. Whole Foods beefSuch as Vegetables and fruits that are fresh, free from GMO’s and not been sprayed with chemicals. When we talk of meat, it is meat from animals that have been raised on the open range, feed chemical free foods and not been shot full of chemicals to fatten them up just before going to market.

Fowl such as chicken and turkey should be free-range, allowed to scratch the earth for food. free range chickenNot forced to live in tiny cages all their lives just to fill the needs of the market place.

When we write about fish, it is wild caught fish, not fish from fish farms. There is a lot more details than we are covering here and as we write and share recipes with you, we will write in more detail about the foods we use.

When you think about how a can of food can set on a grocery shelf for weeks or months and still be considered safe to eat, you need to ask yourself, “What did they put into that to keep it from rotting all this time?”  Look on the side of the container, does it list things that you can not even pronounce or spell. If it does, then stick it right back on the shelf.

There is a wise saying I like that I will share with you here. “If it won’t rot, don’t eat it”. If chemicals have been added in the processing to keep it from rotting, those same chemicals will keep it from properly digesting in your gut. And your gut has some pretty powerful chemicals of its own to digest foods you eat. Think about that.

What are those chicken nuggets in the fast food restaurant made with? Is that really white chicken nuggetbreast meat or….., we will share some interesting information on subjects such as these. You can make safe, chemical free chicken nuggets at home that will taste better and be much more healthy for you than those fast food items.

Whole Foods do not cost any more but it does require a little planning to incorporate them into a lifestyle. Why you want to eat them and feed them to your family is what this blog is about. We hope that you will return here often for some easy recipes that will make eating whole foods your first choice.

We have some simple but tasty recipes to share with you to help you get started. We will also share other information for living the best life possible while watching what we eat and taking care of our bodies.

If you have not signed up for your copy of “Clean Eating – How and Why to cut out Processed Foods” please do so at the top right of this article. I would love to have you join our family of enthusiastic Whole Food connoisseurs.

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5 thoughts on “What Are Whole Foods”

  • Greetings from Mexico
    I am in the process of rebuilding my two blog sites and will add the torta Ahogada recipe to the
    website this week. I am glad you enjoyed it. Sadly the first two sites
    crashed so we had to start over. I will email you as soon as the recipe is posted, which should be
    before this friday.. Thanks for the request, it is nice to know that our blog posts are reaching
    so far.

  • Dear Chef Chaney

    Greetings from England! I discovered the marvellous dish Torta Ahogada on your website about your wonderful retirement lifestyle in Mexico. It was one of those serendipitous moments on the internet where you look for one thing and it leads to another and you are inspired to cook something you had never heard of using ingredients that you have never used. Delicious! I found to my dismay that the recipe is no longer online. Is there anyway you could send it to me or put it up somewhere? It would be tremendously appreciated as it is one of my go to dishes for parties. Please let me know. Thank you and keep up the great work here. Joe Royle

  • Thanks Roy, I will go read it but I do agree that Truth in labeling lacks a lot of truth.
    Sadly It is almost getting to the point that if you don’t have access to non-gmo seeds and
    grow your own foods, you are taking a chance with whatever you purchase.
    We will keep trying, thanks for sharing the article

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