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What is the Ketogenic Lifestyle Diet about?

What is the Ketogenic Lifestyle Diet about?

Some of my friends have noticed the weight loss and asked me What is the Ketogenic Lifestyle Diet about?.

I can understand the question because the ketogenic diet goes by many names,  and because of all the names it can be confusing  so  what is it really?

Referred to as a low-carb diet, low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet and the keto diet, it is an  approach to nutrition that has to do with the process it triggers in your body to produce the energy your body and brain require to function throughout the short it is switching your energy source from burning sugar (glucose) to burning fat for fuel. Fat being a cleaner source of fuel it has many more benefits for us than glucose.

When you restrict your carbohydrates, up your healthy fat intake and get plenty of protein, all within established percentages, your body reaches a state of ketosis. It begins to produce ketones in your liver which are then used as energy, instead of carbohydrates which become glucose and is being used for energy..

When you eat a lot of carbohydrates your body produces insulin and glucose. Glucose is the easiest energy source for your body to convert. When you have plenty of glucose, from carbohydrates, your body chooses this over any other source of energy because it is so simple and easy to use.

Insulin helps your body process the glucose in your bloodstream. Since you are using glucose as your main energy source, your fats are not burned, and are stored instead. In a high carbohydrate diet, this is how your body becomes overweight, obese and unhealthy. Burning that fat as energy and bringing the body back to a healthier weight is what the ketogenic lifestyle is about.

By lowering your carb intake, your metabolism increases. You still eat plenty of calories for your size and weight goals, just not very many carbohydrates and selected, good carbs. This allows your ketogenic approach to nutrition to deliver quick weight loss and a healthy body weight regulation.

Some of the benefits when your body reaches ketosis, you stop getting unhealthy sugar cravings. You also stop eating junk foods made up of a lot of sugars you body no longer needs for energy. You don’t feel hungry all the time, as with some other diet plans. There are times that you actually need to remind yourself that it is time to stop what your doing and eat a little something. Your cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels return to normal. This takes a little understanding because you will be adding  foods to your diet such as coconut oil which contain medium chain triglycerides. Your mind actually becomes sharper, and you regulate a healthy blood pressure. Your mind prefers ketosis instead of glucose but modern man has gotten addicted to sugar aka glucose as energy and the brain has adjusted to using that “glucose fix” in place of the ketosis that your ancestors used. You also sleep better, and lower your risk of developing chronic disease because you adjust the foods you eat and change to a much healthier diet..

That is what the ketogenic diet is in a nutshell, with some of the wonderful health rewards it can deliver. Of course, there is more to it, such as adding healthy recipes that you will enjoy, which in some cases is only a minor adjustment to what you already eat. You can find out more and enjoy some of those recipes right here on this website.

The Keto diet will lead to living a ketogenic lifestyle but do not let that scare you away. Soon you will learn about “carb cycling” where you get a chance to enjoy some old favorite foods when you increase the amount of carbs you eat for a day or two before returning to your basic keto diet.

So What is the Ketogenic Lifestyle Diet about? It is a healthy eating style that has been used in the medical community since about 1927 and has now gone main stream. And don’t worry, on this blog you will also learn how to eat at your favorite restaurants and even restaurants you stop at while traveling and enjoy a meal without going out of ketosis. Plus, information on how to jump right back into it should you stray.

If you are thinking of trying the keto diet there is no time like the present, if only to lose those pounds that are making you uncomfortable in hot weather and at the beach..

I want to invite you to go my Facebook group of keto-Paleo friends where we exchange recipes, ideas and answer each others questions. You can get more information Right Here It is called Keto Paleo Power Combo For Weight Loss. This is a meeting place where you are free to share your comments with other readers and exchange ideas. If you have friends that are keto or paleo, invite them to come along I would love to have you and them join our family of Whole Food Low-Carb Enthusiasts..


Laugh Often, Enjoy Good Friends, Share the Love

bon provecho

Your Whole Foods Chef

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