Why Intermittent Fasting with a Keto diet work

Why Intermittent Fasting with a Keto diet work

You won’t be on the keto diet for long before you will start to hear a lot about Intermittent fasting.  Lets review a little about  why intermittent Fasting with a keto diet work. I know, when some read about intermittent fasting they run the other way. It really is very easy when you understand the concept and what it can do for your health. There are  many ways you can set it up to fit your needs without actually feeling like your are fasting. For me what works is to eat my final meal of the day right around 6 p.m. or slightly earlier and then not eat again until about 10 a.m. the following day.

Intermittent Fasting with a low carb diet

With a traditional fast you usually consume no food and hardly anything other than water for an extended period of time. How long you fast is really up to you, but it isn’t uncommon to fast for 30 days. While there are some definite benefits to this, it also isn’t something that’s easily done. Sure you’ll do fine for the first day, but as your stomach starts to grumble and you’re getting tired and cold (because your metabolism starts to slow to a crawl) things get a little harder.

You can do intermittent Fasting with a keto diet several different ways, but what seems to work best for most people is to skip food for a large part of the day and limit your eating to a few short hours. For example, you could sleep, then run on just coffee, tea and water through lunch and have a meal in the early afternoon, followed by a light snack a few hours later. From there you can easily make it until bedtime and sleep through a large part of your fast.
This is a very effective way to do intermittent fasting. Since you are eating a fair amount of food each day, your metabolism keeps burning strong while also forcing your body to burn fat during the longer stretches of time when you’re not taking food in. It is pretty easy to do and stick with since you know you can eat what you want in a few short hours. Almost anyone can stick to this by looking forward to the next “feast”.

If your main fasting goal is to lose weight, sticking to a ketogenic diet when you eat your meals will really add to the speed of the weight loss. Feed your body with plenty of healthy fat, protein and veggies and not many carbs at all. This will keep your body in fat burning mode even while you’re eating. As an added benefit, without the sugar and carbs in your system, you won’t suffer the headaches that are a common and unpleasant side effect of fasting.

After decades of demonizing all types of fat, we now know that the fat found in avocados, nuts, coconut oil and even things like grass-fed butter are good for us and help keep our bodies healthy. And they are a great support to your intermittent Fasting with a keto diet.

Some of the benefits of intermittent fasting are weight loss and the self-healing mode your body goes into when there’s not food to process. The interesting fact is that the addition of pure, healthy fat does not negate those effects and instead gives your metabolism a boost and encourages fat burning.

What does this mean for you during your intermittent fast? It means that you can consume some fat throughout the day which will keep you from going hungry and helps keep your energy up without sacrificing the benefits of fasting. On the contrary, it enhances your intermittent fast.

An easy way to implement this is to add a spoon full of organic coconut oil to your coffee in the morning. Or you could give Keto coffee a try which is a mixture of black coffee, coconut oil and grass-fed butter. It may sound weird – and frankly a little gross, but the end result, when you blend everything together, is a delicious, creamy, frothy coffee drink, not unlike a latte. Just be sure to leave out the sugar. A little stevia is an alternative if you need your fancy coffee drink to be sweet. If you can skip the sweetener altogether you will benefit even more.

Another option is to make a batch of bone broth that has plenty of healthy fat, collagen and various minerals in it. Making the broth is easy to do. Take the bones from a roasted chicken and put them into a large pot with plenty of water and a splash of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar will help leach minerals from the bones. Cover, bring the broth to a boil and simmer it for 12 to 24 hours. You can also add a little garlic and some herbs for flavor if you’d like. Strain the broth, add a little butter or coconut oil to each cup if you’d like and sip it throughout the day until you’re ready for your main meal. Chicken bone broth and beef bone broth both work well. I will say that beef broth from open range cattle is the better or the two but takes longer and cost a little more to make. I usually always have chicken broth but then again, I do raise our own chickens.

why intermittent Fasting with a keto diet work
A GoodFat


Speaking of your main meal, don’t be afraid to include some healthy fats there as well. Cook up some bacon or slice up some avocado. Use butter and coconut oil when you cook or to finish off your meals and enjoy. The fats will help keep you full longer and your body needs them to do the internal repairs it’s busily performing during the hours you spent fasting.

Instead of cutting out fat, focus on cutting out refined carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. Not only is it much healthier, it also keeps your blood sugar from spiking and makes it easier to stick to your intermittent fasting schedule. Intermittent Fasting with a keto diet takes care of all that for you.

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5 thoughts on “Why Intermittent Fasting with a Keto diet work”

  • You nailed it, 16 hours is the best in my view. It does take a little discipline at first but after a week or so, it becomes much easier. Of course
    having a meal plan to work with so you are well prepared when it is time to eat can also make a big difference. Glad to see you are at it. I would
    only suggest that when you want to take a break make it for the same about of time as the days you fasted. Do a 16 hour intermittent fast for 12 days
    then reduce it to a 12 hour fast for up to 12 days, then back to 16 hours. That way you do not lose all the value you gained from the 16 hour fasts.

  • I’m totally convinced intermittent fasting works for me beautifully. I do and 16 hour fast each 12 days… took a break from it for 6 months… and am now back to it.

  • Keto isn’t for everyone and Paleo also has some restrictions that some people don’t agree with but the intermittent fasting can be applied to just about
    any eating style for better health and weight loss. Start with a short one of about 12 hours and then try to build it up to 14 hours. The actual fat burn
    starts at about the 12 hour mark if you ate a full meal before the fast so 14 hours allows a couple of hours of burning fat before the next meal.

  • My sister in law does Keto and intermittent fasting. She did it right before her wedding and lost 30 lbs. So I know it works. I’m not sure this is the right lifestyle for me, but I might try this type of intermittent fasting. 🙂

  • I’ve tried intermittent fasting. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but so far, I can’t get the timing right because insomnia constantly disrupts my day and night. I do like bone broth and often use it as the base for soup and crock pot meals.

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